When we take over accounts, we often encounter issues regarding conversion tracking and the configured conversion actions. Read here the two most common issues:

Double tracking
In Google Ads it is possible to create both a Google Ads tracker and to import Google Analytics data. Unfortunately, we see all too often that they are both turned on. This means that the turnover is measured twice. If the expenses remain the same (because they do not change of course), the ROAS doubles. When cleaning up together with the customer, this causes some surprise and worry because there was wrong control and decision making in the past.

Nowadays you can make Conversion Actions primary or secondary. Only make the Conversion Action primary that should actually drive the campaigns based on Google’s algorithms. The other conversion actions can be secondary, unless of course there is a strategy behind this.

All Conversion actions primary
There are a lot of other conversion actions besides Purchase or Lead, such as Add to Cart, Engagements, Route, Click to Call, etc. Depending on which conversion action, sales are also assigned to this (Add to Cart). If these are indicated as primary, that turnover will be shown in the overviews. The issue is, of course, that this is not actually generated revenue, but revenue that is in the Shopping Cart. This turnover is added to the Purchase promotion, which means that the bottomline results are also ‘inflated’.

If you add all types of conversions because there is little data concerning the “end-goal” conversion, then it is a smart thing to do, at least the algorithms have some data to optimize towards to.

Do you want to have checked whether the tracking is set correctly? Are you sure you are making decisions based on correct data?

Yes, check my conversion actions for effectiveness!