Google Postpones Rollout Blocking 3rd Party Cookies Until End of 2023Google has postponed its plan to block third-party cookies from its Chrome internet browser until the end of 2023. Cookies track users’ internet activity and allow digital publishers to deliver targeted and relevant ads. These cookies are already blocked by  Apple, Microsoft and Mozilla.

Critics say Google’s ban forces ad sellers to go directly to the tech giant for this kind of information — giving it an unfair competitive advantage over other players in the market. This is because it plans to replace the system with another that it claims is better for privacy but still allows marketing.


One of the ideas is the introduction of “Floc” or The Federated Learning of Cohorts.

The idea behind it is that a browser enabled with Floc will collect information about browsing habits and assign users to a group, or “flock”, with a similar browsing history. Each would share an ID that would indicate advertisers their interests.

This is of course not 100% objective because the past is used as a starting point. In this way, personalization becomes even more restrictive, while a search engine also has to facilitate the function of information discovery.