Google announced several new ad formats at the Google Marketing Livestream event. One of them was that Local Inventory Ads (LIA) will include the option ‘Pickup later’.

Google is launching an open beta for US advertisers to expand in-store pick-up options by labeling their Local Inventory Ads with the “pickup later” option. Below is an example of a label that says ‘pick up before Monday’.

Local Inventory Ads (LIA) expands with Pickup later option

Source: Searchengineland

This option is in addition to the ‘Pickup today’ and ‘Curbside pickup’ options that already are available in Local Inventory Ads. Searches for “in stock” have grown by more than 800% worldwide year over year, according to Google.

Google’s Merchant Center explains how to add the ‘pick up later’ option to your existing Google Shopping Ads feed.

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