Performance Max Campaigns: The Importance of Product FeedsThere has been a lot of talk about Performance Max campaigns lately. We see every development as an opportunity rather than a threat. Sure, the manual work disappears, but is that really a threat? Many challenges are emerging that require specialist knowledge, skill and experience.

One competency concerns the product or data feeds containing the needed structured information. This information is already being used to run the (Smart) Shopping campaigns. The better the feeds, the better the matching between supply and demand, and therefore the effectiveness of Performance Max and Shopping campaigns.

A lot is possible with data feeds, i.e. directly from the ecommerce/CMS system, or via a so-called data feed management tool. We like to use Datafeedwatch for (very) advanced challenges and their solutions. For ‘normal’ use, a solution like Channable is more than fine.

We also suspect that data feeds are used to match (longtail) searches even better, also for text ads. A kind of DSA, but then a combination of understanding site content and the data feed content.

If this hypothesis is correct, then this is another reason why the data feed must be complete, and enriched as much as possible with all kinds of fields and information.

We are adept at conducting feed audits and optimizing feeds effectively. Many ecommerce parties, but also online marketing and IT agencies have hired us to optimize the feeds of their clients.

Make sure it’s not the feed!

As an ecommerce party, do you want to get the most out of Performance Max (and Shopping) campaigns? Let us examine your data feed(s) and optimize it if necessary.

Yes, check my product feed for quality!