Three Factors to Achieve Feasible Google Shopping CampaignsSomewhere between straightforward and perfection is the sweet spot for every organization in terms of feasibility for their Google Shopping campaigns and structure. Feasibility has to do with efficient and effective campaigns that can be managed in context. Read in this article the three factors that you need to make to achieve feasible Shopping campaigns.

The three factors are:

  • Amount of hours and investment to manage
  • Dynamic versus static product offering
  • The amount of the advertising budget

Amount of hours and investment to manage

This is an important factor in determining how extensive or how concentrated the Shopping structure can become. If there is not a lot of man-hours to set up and manage the campaigns, a very extensive (think in the most extreme case, one product per ad group) campaign structure is not feasible. This is less or even not applicable if it is outsourced to an agency that works on a project basis.

Dynamic versus static product offering

Another factor is the dynamics and throughput of the product range advertised on. If the ecommerce site has a static offer that hardly ever changes, a refined campaign structure is feasible sooner than if you have 10,000 products that changes twice a year (think clothing). Unless of course there is enough budget to manage it (and with the use of tooling).

The amount of the advertising budget

The advertising budget is the third factor that has an impact on the Shopping campaign structure.

With a low budget, it makes less sense to break everything down to the last detail (for the purpose of refined optimizations per campaign) because Google cannot do much with very low budgets per campaign. We have also noticed that with shared daily budgets the majority goes to one or a few campaigns, making it difficult to enforce that all products are tested.

Before you set up the campaigns, ask yourself what your answers are to the above factors.

In many cases perfection is not possible and a feasible structure must be chosen that is most effective in context. Campaign structures can change over time, companies grow and more budget and/or more people come in as sales and profits increase.

Do you want advice on the feasibility of your current campaign structure or how to set up the Shopping structure that takes the three factors into account?

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