Lack of product insight and results in Performance Max campaigns? The lack of insight and results per product or keyword (etc) is certainly a challenge, because we are even more at the mercy of Google’s algorithms. However, with the report below it is  possible to gain insight into the product results within a Performance Max campaign!

Go to Reports
–> Predefined Reports
–> Shopping
–> Shopping – Item ID
–> Add Campaign Type, after Item ID
–> Add Campaign(name), after Campaign Type
–> Add all the metrics you need for the analysis.

View product results of Performance Max campaigns in Google Ads

Based on the Performance Max campaign setup (e.g. based on Article ID, you can uncheck those that do not generate the desired results in the selection. The campaign can proceed with the selection of products that are profitable.

Another possibility is, for example, to create two campaigns. One for top products that convert and are profitable, one for the products that have not proven themselves or have not yet received any (or very little) traffic from Google. This also happens within Performance Max, where a small number of products generate visibility and the vast majority have little or no visibility.

Setting up result-driven campaigns within Performance Max has its downside, namely that the ads cannot be created to be very relevant to the underlying categories. Titles and descriptions will have to remain fairly generic if the search query, ad and landing page combination is to be as relevant as possible.

A solution for this is, for example, to create two Performance Max campaigns per category, one for the converting products, one for the non-converting products. Whether this is desirable must be considered on a case-by-case basis.

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