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CSS partners
Recently SearchEngineLand reported:

Comparison sites now acting as agencies. The report notes, however, that many of the CSS providers appearing in the ad units are not “established online price comparison sites.” These companies are acting as agencies on behalf of merchants, many of whom are new market entrants. Search metrics observes that for these CSS “agencies,” their own product comparison pages are irrelevant because CTRs go directly to merchant sites.

This observation echoes criticism or Google by more long-established CSS players, who wrote an open letter to the European Commission about their frustration with the PLA remedy. They claim their predicament is getting worse and argue the PLA auction forces them to “bid away the vast majority of their profit.” They say that they have no opportunity to “derive value” from the process. ”

There is frustration among the CSS partners when it comes to CSS and Google Shopping. We can assist in this as content specialists to solve certain internal and / or customer challenges.

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