Our Shopping approach

Do you want company-specific Shopping campaigns in order to generate the maximum achievable result from the channel?

We do not pump generic Shopping campaigns around the world for our customers. That is so easy and takes little time, but the organization does not get what it deserves, plus the results are generally below par.

We have broadly written our Shopping approach on this page. Although some steps apply to each account, your proposition and context ultimately determine how we get started as optimally as possible.

With you, we investigate whether and what the added value of tooling is, which campaign structure best fits the products and search behavior. Only in this way can we jointly discover the potential of Shopping for your business.

  • Ecommerce site
    A thorough Shopping campaign starts with a good foundation: your organization and the ecommerce site. We also discuss your price policy, delivery conditions, target group (s) and value proposition in general. Where necessary, we provide advice, and we use the information on the site partly as a context for our approach.
  • Datafeed
    The feed is an export of the webshop, often an XML or CSV file. This includes all important product information that we need, automatically updated by the ecommerce site. The feed forms the basis for the Shopping campaigns together with the ecommerce site.
  • Feedmanager
    Often a feed generated by the ecommerce site is sub-optimal. This means that the layout is not good, product information is missing or there are products in the feed that you would rather not advertise. With a feed manager, an external tool, we can manipulate the feed as effectively and efficiently as possible without making changes to the ecommerce site. There are various feed managers on the market, based on financial feasibility and needs we choose the best together with you.
  • Merchant Center
    This is Google’s tool where the feed is converted into product ads. Because Google has a strict policy regarding feed requirements, many advertisers suffer from error messages in the Merchant Center. We monitor these and where possible we solve them so that their performance is not affected.
  • Campaign tool
    For more complicated accounts, we recommend using (customized) campaign tooling. The added value of campaign tooling is, for example, the automatic addition of new products to campaigns, new campaign and ad group creation, automatic budget management and other actions. Campaign tooling increases efficiency and effectiveness for larger, more complicated accounts.
  • Google Ads
    This is the program from Google where the ads and their budgets are managed. Based on multiple factors, we create the most suitable campaign and ad group structure for each account where we optimize on the basis of performance in order to achieve the best possible result.

What would it mean for your business if Google Shopping delivers more? Switch us on!