Partner program

Do you want free money?

We know, free money sounds too good to be true. A bit cheap too, but we got your attention with it!

At we believe that you should do what you are good at. What we are good at is setting up, optimizing and advising in Google Shopping and other feed-based channels.

For the sales part, we believe that people come to us based on a need.
Do you know someone who could use some help, a retailer who is stuck in terms of effective growth or an agency that lacks the competences and/or capacity?

Get in touch and receive a nice commission for the first 12 months per customer. This way we can continue to do what we are good at, and you will receive a nice reward for helping.

Why would you bring a customer to us?
We have an above-average retention rate, and still serve a large proportion of the customers we started with 5 years ago. In addition, we do not have account managers who make nice promises, you talk directly with one of the specialists who knows what it is about. In addition, read our reviews on Google if you are not yet convinced that we are your choice 😉

Curious what it will bring you? Fill out this form today and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible