Google Shopping analysis

Are Google Shopping results disappointing and you can’t find the rootcause?
Wondering if there is even more to gain from Shopping with the current product range?
Do you have a business idea but want to support it with data?

Based on the exact issue or ask, we analyze the results and data to provide you an answer. We apply various analysis techniques depending on what needs to be analysed.

Because of our years of experience with Google Shopping and e-commerce, we know where to look to provide insight. Our intake provides us with the necessary context to put the data and results in perspective.

It is important to realize that Shopping results do not only depend on the campaigns, but also on:

  • price
  • Website
  • Product offer
  • Terms of delivery
  • etc

If necessary, we do not analyze the results in a silo, but within the bigger picture.

We help you ad-hoc or periodically (quarterly or annual analyses) so you can make better business decisions and actions.

We also set up dashboards based on your questions and needs, so that you get the questions answered quickly and easily. Faster and more effective decision-making and action lead to an agile business, cost-efficiently.

What would it mean for your company if you had better insight into the Shopping results?

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