Google Shopping free listings

Are you not yet advertising on Shopping but are you curious what it can do for your shop?
Not ready to make a big investment yet without getting a feel what Shopping does?

Google offers so-called Google Shopping free listings so that more companies can display their product range to searching consumers.

Free listings within Shopping can be compared with SEO results. These listings are shown between the paid Shopping ads / listings.

To enable this, a one-time setup is only required. After that, you will not invest into paid clicks or maintenance.
If you see traffic and orders coming from the free listings, you can always choose to invest in paid Shopping ads.

Bing Shopping Free Listings
The free listings are also available on the Bing search engine, which also requires a one-time setup.

What would it mean for your company if Google Shopping turns out to be a revenue channel?

I want to test Google Shopping listings for free