Shopping campaign structure

Do you not know how to create and optimize a relevant and effective Google Shopping campaign structure?

We know how to structure your Shopping campaign structure if it is to have the best chance of success. In addition to prices, the quality of the feed and delivery conditions, the Shopping structure is of great importance in order to be able to match the customer behavior (= search terms) with the products that are sold.

If this is sub-optimized, a lot of budget is spent without being relevant, therefore ROAS is low and final ROI as well.

Do you want a relevant Shopping structure because you …

  • Want to waste as little money as possible?
  • Want to optimize fast and effective results?
  • Easily understand what works well and what does not?

Then we will help you with a one-off, or periodically we can give feedback to have the campaigns optimally arranged. Based on data and insight into your target group, value proposition and products, we create an effective campaign structure or provide advice on how the current can be optimized.

What would it mean for your business if Shopping produces better results?

I need help with my structure