Datafeed optimalisation

Google retrieves all information from a data feed. The better the data feed is structured and optimized, the greater the chance that you will show up well in the search results with your products.

What is a data feed?

The product ads in Google Shopping are created against regular text ads using a data feed. This data feed (often XML or CSV) is generated by the webshop system and is a large file containing all products with all their properties and characteristics. This file reads Google and converts the data feed into visible product ads.

Why is a good data feed important?

Just like with text ads, Google assigns a Quality Score to your product ads, and thus to the data feed. In addition, this is the only source of information from Google for product information and features. For example, if it has illogical, incorrect or incomplete product titles, Google literally translates this into the Shopping ads with all the consequences.

“Advertising at product level is finally accessible with Google Shopping”

We specialize in Google Shopping feeds. Together with a team of technical specialists, our AdWords experts ensure that we create perfect Google Shopping campaigns.

What do we do concretely?

  • Smart product filtering
  • Format structure datafeed
  • Advanced layout of product titles
  • Data-driven optimization of data feed
  • Unburdening technique
  • Advising datafeed optimization

The smartest investment you can do

Your investment in datafeed optimization pays back twice. Of the adjustments that you make thanks to an optimized feed, the quality will immediately increase, better matched and pay less per click. Now more profitable sales and better results in the future via your website.

Do you want to know where your data feed can be improved?

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