Online Price monitoring

Do not want to spend a budget on products that are too expensive, but you do not know how to quickly exclude them?

Many studies show that in addition to convenience and large supply, the price has a very large influence on the final purchase. With our online price monitoring product, you gain insight into the market and competitors.

When is online price monitoring something for you?

  • You want to spend your budget more effectively. We deliver the data, and you only advertise products that are well priced.
  • You want to spot cheap products. Because of our data you can raise and match cheap products with the lowest price in the market. Why give away margin when it is not necessary?
  • You want to take data-driven decisions, for example when doing thorough market research for a product launch, or determining the price for an action. Our cost-efficient data helps you with this.

The smartest investment you can do
Your investment in online price data pays back twice. Of the adjustments that you make thanks to the data, you will immediately save budget and improve margins. Now more profitable sales and better results in the future via your website.

Do you want to know where you can save costs and grab margins?

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