Shopping management

Google Shopping Outsourcing

Not the competences or time to take care of Shopping properly? We are happy to pick it up. With 15 years of channel experience and 25 years of ecommerce experience, you give Shopping in safe hands. Not only the campaigns are important, but also the overall context, think of website, prices, brands, value proposition and more. We take this into account and provide feedback on this to improve the final results.


An internal team but not the competencies? We manage the campaigns in-house and take the team in the field of formulation Shopping objectives, strategy and rollout of data feeds and campaigns.

Do you want more peace in the organization? Specialists who manage Shopping? So you:

Are you sure that the maximum is being achieved?
always be aware of developments?
is it also recommended in other facets that contribute to the end result?

Many Shopping campaigns are set up in a basic way, or all products are advertised, making the result sub-optimal. We provide relevant visitors to the website and cost-effective ROAS and ROI.

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